Israel refuses Gaza peace settlement


Israelis and Palestinians are still burying loved ones killed during Gaza’s third war in six years. Since 8 July, more than 1,800 Palestinian and 65 Israeli lives have been sacrificed. Many in the world are heart-broken in the powerless certainty … Continue reading

How Israeli Jihadists are viewed around the world


Russia Today had an interesting article about two American Citizens who were also Israeli soldiers, killed this week in Gaza. The Men were both Americans who later went to Israel to join in the fight against Palestinians. Israel grants citizenship … Continue reading

Israeli military raids across Palestine

I received this email from a Jewish-Australian Woman who I met in Sydney in 2012.  She is actively involved in the Jewish peace activist community, a community that is dedicated to finding a peaceful solution to the Palestinian problem.  Interestingly, … Continue reading

When a liberal Zionist calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, we know the ground is shifting.

After Kerry, only BDS may save the two-state solution Not even Ben-Gurion would be able to rally the political support necessary to displace masses of settlers as long as there is no price to be paid for the occupation. So … Continue reading