Western-backed Kiev Regime Burying the Truth over Atrocities?

Civilians killed in Lugansk by American supported Junta

From Strategicc-culture.org The grim discovery of mass graves in southeastern Ukraine this week implicates the Kiev regime in further war crimes. At least three such burial sites have been uncovered in recent days since the withdrawal of Kiev’s military forces … Continue reading

Getting shot trying to cast your vote

Ukraine election violence

More atrocities by the US-supported Ukrainian National Guard (Nazi hit teams) This video is something that 99.999% of Americans will never see. In it, you will see the Nazis roll around Ukraine, shooting civilians indiscriminately and shooting people who show … Continue reading

How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House – the details of bloody scenario

It was widely reported in the Western Media that the pro-Russian protestors who died in Odessa were killed as the result of a fire. Questions remained as to whether or not the victims died as a result of an accidental … Continue reading