Gender bias causes airline delay

Orthodox Jews

How do you report this event using a “politically correct” title? Not really sure. The MOST IMPORTANT issue that SHOULD be raised here is, “Why isn’t this all over the National News? If there was a sign that said, “Whites only on this sidewalk, blacks must cross the road,” It would be on CNN for weeks. We would have interviews, expert witnesses, psychologists and you would probably also hear from Obama. But very little coverage, almost no outrage. Every time a woman is treated differently than a man in the Muslim world, it is big news. But in the Jewish world, no one barely notices. Actually, this isn’t even in the Jewish world – it would be one thing if this was happening in Tel Aviv but it happened IN NEW YORK.

“A flight from New York to Tel-Aviv descended into an “11-hour long nightmare” after ultra-orthodox Jewish passengers on board refused to sit next to women, delaying take-off and causing further disruption during the flight.”

You can read the full story here:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews cause ’11-hour long nightmare’ on board flight to Israel

And in an even more disturbing twist, Orthodox Jews in London are trying to prevent women from walking on one side of the street. Every time some radical Muslim says he wants Sharia law in England its all over the American news. Why doesn’t our news report when Jews want Sharia Jewish law? (it’s virtually the same thing). Of course, you’ll never see video of Orthodox Jews spitting and hitting women for not wearing a head covering (read: Burkah) as often happens in Israel.

Orthodox Jewish sign tells women don't walk here

Orthdox Jews post signs in London telling women to walk on the other side of the road

If Americans saw this kind of activity on their TV sets, they would be outraged. But they don’t see it because the Israeli lobby is strong in America and the media is heavily dominated by Israeli and Jewish influence.

You may see it here, but you won’t see it on Fox/CNN.

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2 thoughts on “Gender bias causes airline delay

  1. You really should stop picking on God’s Chosen People…Muslims and Jews are supposed to be treated differently, because Muslims were not chosen by God, Jews were.

    • Of course, God has favorites, and I was once reminded this by a Jewish Grandma. I served with a Jewish girl in Iraq who unfortunately was killed. Later, I posted a comment on her memorial website and her grandmother “friended” me on Facebook. After a while, I noticed that she had a lot of “You’re either with Israel, or you’re with the Terrorists,” type of comments. One day I had enough of these comments and said that American support of Israel was the reason we were attacked on 9/11. This is true and is documented on many American Government websites and documents and is even in the 9/11 Commission Report. I was immediately bashed by 25 or 30 of her “friends.” I was called anti-Semetic – for stating a truth. I never bashed Jews or even Israel, I only stated a documented fact. One of her Jewish relatives even said, “If you don’t like it, get out of America.” Mind you, I didn’t say I didn’t like America or even comment about America, I only said that siding against Israel does not equate to siding with terrorists. But what topped it all off is when the aunt of the soldier said to me, “You (Gentiles) are only here for our (Jew’s) benefit.

      Think about that for a minute. I was just told that any American non-Jew was subservient to and lesser than American-Jews. And I was called anti-semetic for suggesting that Israel was not infallible.

      The Israeli/Jewish lobby has done a wonderful job of brainwashing the American people into the idea that Jews are special, chosen, anointed and special. And to suggest otherwise makes you a Nazi. I really thought that, in America, we were all equal and that we were entitled to free speech. This rule is true only sometimes. If you bash Israel or its politics, you are somehow then classified as “dangerous” or “anti-social.”

      The biggest threat to American security is Russia or ISIS, its American support of Israeli Apartheid policies.

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