Russia: US and EU Supported Ukrainian ‘Coup’

Interesting video wherein the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov accuses the US (and other Western powers) of staging a coup in Ukraine.


NBC News video – Lavrov

Of course, you’ll never hear the word “coup” on American television. But a coup it was; Congressman Ron Paul puts together a list of the power players who Put together the Coup in Kiev.

Here is a phone call between the US Ambassador and UN representative discussing who will be appointed as the new President after the US imposes its coup:

Seriously, listen to that entire phone call. These two American diplomats are carving up Ukraine as carelessly as you would decide which caterer to use at Friday night’s party. This is a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY and they are discussing removing the legally elected government. Later, when separatists in Lugansk and Donetsk try to leave this American puppet government, Obama criticizes them for “opposing a legally elected government.” The hypocrisy is apparent to most in the world.

No matter how much rhetoric you hear about Ukraine, just remember that this war, that has cost so many lives, was STARTED by American aggression.

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