Israeli military raids across Palestine

I received this email from a Jewish-Australian Woman who I met in Sydney in 2012.  She is actively involved in the Jewish peace activist community, a community that is dedicated to finding a peaceful solution to the Palestinian problem.  Interestingly, this debate is more openly discussed between Jewish intellectuals than between Christian Americans.

In the last two weeks, the Israeli military has arrested over 566 Palestinians in the West Bank, they have stormed homes, invaded cities, and murdered seven Palestinians.

ISM is sending an urgent call for volunteers to join us in Palestine. Check the join us section of our website or email ISM at for more information.

Ahmad Arafat Sabareen, 20-years-old, was shot in the chest by live ammunition bullets in Jalazoun refugee camp, near Ramallah, during a raid by the Israeli army.

Ahmad Arafat Sabareen’s father speaks of his son at the funeral (photo by Middle East Monitor).

15-year-old Mohammad Dudeen, was killed by a single live bullet during a night raid in his home village of Dura, near Hebron on June 20th.

Mohammad Dudeen (photo from Defence for Children International Palestine).

Hajj Jamil Ali Jaber Souf suffered a heart attack during a raid on his village of Hares, and died soon after.
Ahmad Sa’id Fahmawi (Abu Shanno) was shot and killed on June 22nd in the city of Nablus. The Israeli military fired several bullets at him from a close range when he was on his way to a mosque near his house for dawn prayers, because he “did not obey their orders to stop”.

Mahmoud Ismael Atallah
 was shot and killed as the Israeli military invaded the de-facto capital of the West Bank, Ramallah, in the early hours of June 22nd.

Mahmoud’s wife and son (photo by Fadi Arouri).

Mustafa Husni Aslan
, 24 years old, was shot last Friday during clashes that erupted in Qalandya refugee camp, north of Ramallah, he died from his injury yesterday afternoon.
Early yesterday morning, June 26th, Israeli soldiers raided el-Arrub refugee camp north of Hebron. During this raid, a 78-year-old Palestinian woman, Fatima Ismail Issa Rushdi, died of a heart attack.
The situation in the last weeks is escalating; Palestinians are facing increasing military violence and the largest campaign of collective punishment seen since the Second Intifada.
Now more than ever, internationals are needed to travel to Palestine and stand in solidarity against occupation and apartheid.
Document and report on the crimes committed by both the Israeli military and the colonial settlers living on Palestinian land throughout the West Bank. Take part in protests and demonstrations against the occupation, use your privilege as an international to stand alongside Palestinian communities, and join ISM.
ISM is also sending an urgent call for volunteers to join the 2014 olive harvest campaign.
ISM volunteers join Palestinian farming communities each year to harvest olives in areas where Palestinians face settler and military violence while working their land. Your presence can make a big difference, with Palestinian communities stating that the presence of international volunteers reduces the risk of extreme violence from Israeli settlers and the Israeli army.
The olive tree is a Palestinian national symbol, and the Israeli military systematically prevents agricultural fruition, in order to make life for Palestinians more difficult. The Israeli occupation provides a platform for Palestinian rights to be violated in an array of ways; the attack on agriculture is at the forefront.
Already documented this year, and to list a few cases; the trees have suffered settler sewage runoffsabotaging fires, and being cut down. Olive trees comprise of an essential 14% of the Palestinian agricultural economy.
We support Palestinians’ assertion of their right to earn their livelihoods and be present on their lands. International solidarity activists engage in non-violent intervention and documentation and practical support, which enables many families to pick their olives.
The campaign will begin mid October and will last around 5-7 weeks.  We request a minimum one week commitment from volunteers, but stress that longtermers are needed as well. We ask that volunteers start arriving in the first week of October, so that we will be prepared when the harvest begins.

We request a minimum two week commitment from volunteers, but stress that longtermers are needed as well. The ISM will be holding mandatory two day training sessions which will run weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please see the join ISM page or contact for further information.
In solidarity,
ISM Palestine

The use of copyrighted material in this website is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the sharing of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education.
The use of copyrighted material in this website is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the sharing of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education.
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8 thoughts on “Israeli military raids across Palestine

  1. Interesting how in this whole post no mention is made of the 3 kidnapped Israeli teenagers, the search for whom was the reason for the Israeli security forces to conduct search-and-rescue operations and arrests of possible suspects.

    • As is typical in the Western Media, if one Israeli dies, it is front page news for days. A dozen Palestinians die and you’ll never hear about it.

      The US News is dominated by Israeli special interests, one point of this website is to get out news that you won’t see on mainstream Western Media.

      • I thought the recent murder of the Arab teenager was covered pretty extensively. But that’s not my point here – erasing the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli teens deprives this article from the much-needed context. It makes it sound as if Israel for no apparent reason killed a bunch of people. Some of the casualties were, unfortunately, innocent bystanders, but they were killed when rioters attacked Israeli soldiers searching for kidnapped children. In my view, telling half of the story is just no good, regardless of which half you’re telling.

  2. “some of the casualties” you say…

    In Gaza this week, the Palestinian death toll is well over 500.

    The Western Media regularly shares a deliberate one-sided view of the news about Israel and Palestine. I just watched ABC news that pretty much was a lie from beginning to end; it said that Israel wants a cease fire and Hamas refuses, that Palestine rejects the two-state solution, etc.

    The biggest impediment to Peace in Israel/Palestine is Israel. Their lobby silences any opposing views and what is left is that Americans only see a pro-Israeli view.

    The point of this site isn’t to present Israel’s view, you can find that 98% of the time on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/CNN/HLN. The point of this site is to share with Americans the news THAT THEY WON’T OTHERWISE SEE elsewhere.

    • How many of those deaths are combatants? Based on previous experience, probalby half or more. How many of the non-combatants were used as human shields by Hamas? So who’s responsible for those deaths?

      Hamas refuses cease-fire in very clear terms:

      Two-state solution? A firm NO there:

      If the Palestinian leadership is able to negotiate a two-state solution with Israel, two thirds of those polled think resistance should continue until all of
      historic Palestine is liberated, and similar percentage thinks such negotiations would be part of a “program of stages” to liberate all
      of historic Palestine later.

      • What you won’t see on US TV are the hardline Israeli views that say that the Palestinians should be all removed – we’re talking quotes from Israeli Prime Ministers, not some average guy off the street.

        Perhaps the biggest problem in the Israel/Palestine debate, at least in the West, is the overwhelming amount of dubious reporting. There isn’t a news station or newspaper in America that doesn’t feel the pressure of the Israeli Lobby. As a result, you get news that serves the Israeli land-grab agenda and discounts the Palestinian viewpoint.

        I often hear the same talking points again and again – that Israel just wants peace and that the Palestinians are unreasonable. These arguments are fabrications of the Israeli lobby with no purpose other than to fool Americans into supporting Israel, even when it is against our national interest.

        I just posted this video of the son of one of Israel’s first generals. He candidly explains that much of the arguments that are made about the Palestinians are pure fabrication. I encourage you to watch the video, in its entirety and keep and open mind.

        Back in the day, I was as pro-Israel as the other 98% of Americans. Once I was out of the country for 5+ years and heard “the other side,” I began to realize how much Americans are lied to about the Israel/Palestine conflict.

        • And that relates to the content of my comment how?

          I guess the dozens of tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel were made so that Gazans can come to visit and hug the Jews there, right? Nothing to do with intentions to murder and kidnap Israeli’s, I’m sure. And the thousands of rockets indiscriminately fired into Israel – are these a fabrication as well?

          I’d appreciate if you responded to the points I make, and the questions I ask, to their content and not by just repeating your mantra’s

          • Michael,

            Thanks for your comment.

            As for my mantra, it is this:

            99% of the Israel/Palestine news on American TV is pro-Israel.

            Imagine if you come to pick up your kid (David) from day care. Let’s say that he has been fighting with Billy all day long. Both children have been antagonistic, both have hit the other, both have called names.

            When you arrive, the day care worker tells you that Billy called David names, hit him and then fought with him. If you don’t know that David did the same, you believe that Billy is the aggressor and David is the victim. This paradigm is caused by a lack of knowledge that is a result of a biased news source.

            In the United States, most media outlets are Jewish owned and operated. But even more stifling, ALL major media outlets in the US are under extreme pressure from the Israeli lobby (second most powerful lobby in America right behind the AARP) and the Israeli grassroots movement. This “machine” makes sure that only pro-Israel news is seen on TV and as a result, most Americans NEVER see that David is also a bad actor.

            In your case, you sited in your original post that Hamas rejected the cease fire (Billy is the bad actor) when in fact, Israel regularly refuses treaties and cease fire deals. Just last week, Israel refused a peace settlement with Gaza:

            You then go on to post a news source that says that most Palestinians would refuse a two-state solution. This is almost comical as Israel has repeatedly walked away from the two-state solution. Of course, if you only watch American TV and read mainline-pro-Israel websites, you’ll never see this.

            The fact is that the hardline Israeli citizens are JUST AS militant and obstinate in their views towards Palestine. A large portion of the Israeli population supports all out Genocide against Palestine as reported here:

            In all actuality, under international law, Gaza has a RIGHT to resist Israeli occupation. Israeli occupation is ILLEGAL. So, regardless of how distasteful I feel that digging tunnels and launching rockets is, the Palestinians have a legal right to resist Israel. Never on American news will you hear this. You will always hear that Palestine attacked and Israel “retaliated.”

            I doubt that you watched this wonderful video, but have a watch, this son of one of Israel’s first Generals explains that Palestine has a right to defend itself. Israeli war planes and tanks are (under international law) terrorist acts. When you look at the fight in the eyes of the UN, you see that Israel is in fact the terrorist aggressor.


            Billy hit, David hit back so the news reads today. When in reality, David took Billy’s toy, Billy complained, David hit Billy and Billy hit him back.

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