Israeli military raids across Palestine

I received this email from a Jewish-Australian Woman who I met in Sydney in 2012.  She is actively involved in the Jewish peace activist community, a community that is dedicated to finding a peaceful solution to the Palestinian problem.  Interestingly, … Continue reading

Los Angeles Clippers owner doesn’t want his girlfriend “seen” with Blacks

This is quite an interesting video. Donald Sterling (originally Tokowitz) tells his girlfriend that he wants her to unfriend all of her black friends. What is most amazing about this story isn’t how horrific it is, but rather that the … Continue reading

Who is more corrupt, the Democrats or Republicans? The answer might surprise you.


What I like most about Stansberry Research is their impartial & their non-partisan opinions. They collect their fees as direct subscriptions from readers of their newsletters. They don’t accept advertising from anyone trying to sell a product and the result … Continue reading

Israeli Army’s Social Media Director Poses as Obama in Blackface

From The head of the IDF’s social media unit, lieutenant Sacha Dratwa, enjoys more than Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, he’s also into some good ‘ol fashioned Jim Crow styled blackface as well. Yesterday, a photo began circulating of the … Continue reading